xQc expresses his dislike towards Twitch’s new subscriber notification system

Twitch sensation Felix”xQc” recently noticed that Twitch had implemented a new subscriber notification system in the chat room, and the streamer immediately voiced his disapproval of the update.

Felix was astonished after glancing at his Twitch chat to communicate with his audience and criticized Twitch for adopting the new feature by exclaiming:

“Oh no, oh no, Twitch, no, no, no, no… yo, Twitch, this is not it! This is not it, nope, nope, absolutely not!”

xQc does not approve Twitch’s new subscriber notification system

The Twitch star hosted a livestream earlier today to play Warner Bros.’ MultiVersus on stream with his fans and other content creators.

At the eight-minute mark of the stream, Felix opened his Twitch chat and was left in shock after noticing the new subscriber notification system.

Fans took the opportunity to subscribe to the former Overwatch pro at the same time, which resulted in the latter’s Twitch chat getting spammed with a lot of new subscriber notifications.

Timestamp: 00:08:09

xQc did not take a liking to the new feature at all and continued to express his disapproval of it. He said:

“Oh my god… oh my… Twitch?! What the f**k! What the f**k?!”

After a few seconds of silence, Felix demanded that Twitch staff should fix the notification system:

“Okay, yo, fix that. Yo, fix that! What the f**k?”

He then noticed an arrow on the right-hand side of the ticker-tape bar and learned that the feature could be easily hidden:

“Oh, okay, you can arrow it. This is insane!”

Felix saw some fans complaining that their Twitch player was constantly crashing, and a Twitch user named NeoTheOne gifted the streamer 100 Twitch Prime subscriptions to troll the streamer.

The notification for the 100 gifted subs stayed on screen for a long time, which elicited Felix to make the following statement:

“No! I can’t even… what the… I can’t even click anymore. This is so dumb! Okay, this should have never been pushed to live. Nobody should have pushed this to the f** *ing live servers. How did they think this was okay to push this into the live servers? Okay, what the actual f**k?”

Fans react to the streamer’s disapproval of Twitch’s new feature

The YouTube comment section featured more than 100 Damn comments, with several viewers sharing the same reaction as that of the streamer.

Fans in the YouTube comment section reacting to the streamer's take (Images via xQc Clips/YouTube)
Fans in the YouTube comment section reacting to the streamer’s take (Images via xQc Clips/YouTube)

While some viewers stated that Twitch has been adding a lot of unnecessary updates to their site, others claimed that the mobile Twitch application had been riddled with a lot of bugs.


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