Will Apandi be probed for ‘clearing’ 1MDB crook?

Will Apandi be probed for ‘clearing’ 1MDB crook?

YOURSAY | ‘Ismail Sabri thinks his bullets can turn saviour into a crook.’

Dr M: Strange that no action taken against Apandi over 1MDB

Kilimanjaro: Well, if Ismail Sabri Yaakob’s government thinks it is smart in getting to former attorney-general Tommy Thomas, the initiative will start heating up, maybe even to boiling point.

The Pakatan Harapan leaders are silly enough not to make loud noises against former attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali. They should have dragged the roof down.

Thomas is a saviour who helped the country to bring back some of the lost billions. Apandi did the opposite. Ismail Sabri thinks his bullets can turn a saviour into a crook.

He has many times exposed his racial instincts and tendencies, but this one has dropped right under the apple tree. To expect the people to remain silent on such blatant acts will neither help Ismail Sabri nor Apandi. To say it in one word, Ismail is being “foolish“.

Dr Raman Letchumanan: Despite what everyone says, this is the most brilliant move by caretaker prime minister Ismail Sabri. Even the great former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad got it wrong. Many just look at the implications of Thomas and, of course, there are supporters and naysayers.

Thomas is a big boy and he should know how to defend his actions. As the foremost legal practitioner in the country as a public prosecutor and government legal advisor, he should know his job and any boo-boos should be held against him. Yes, sue him, embarrass him in public, and let him defend himself.

A man who prosecutes many using his absolute powers should be able to defend himself when charged. That’s the least that is expected of him. Imagine a company employee who doesn’t follow the rules and regulations, brings the company to shame and financial ruin and expects not to be accountable or punished.

Yes, Ismail Sabri brings accountability and integrity to the administration and civil service. No prime minister has ever embarked on such a daring and bold move. And he starts with the most ‘powerful’ person in the country. I mean a person who can prosecute anyone without questions being asked, and would not, of course, charge himself for any wrongdoings while in office.

Even the king does not have that privilege or immunity. Just look at the ‘damage’ Thomas has allegedly done to the country. And convening a special task force of peers from the government and private sector is simply brilliant. Just look at the ‘scoop’ they came out with.

Having set this earth-shattering precedent, Ismail Sabri should now proceed with all the previous attorney-generals, one by one starting from the most recent. We might find someone of flawless integrity, and that could be the benchmark for future attorney-generals.

Then the same process should be applied to other key positions of trust who have retired. Former prime ministers (Mahathir has already been investigated), former ministers, heads of MACC, Royal Malaysian Police and Immigration, ministry heads and so on. Their pensions should be withheld until they are cleared by the special task force.

Can you imagine, even the judiciary will not be spared? There are allegations of grave impropriety in the appointment of the most senior judges. This will be the best deterrent and preventive measure for all holders of public office to be accountable. The country will be rid of corrupters and power abusers.

We don’t need MACC, the police, the auditors, or even Parliament oversight to catch them after the deed. All checks and balances in the Constitution can be removed.

Can you now see how brilliant Ismail Sabri is? Frankly, he has implemented something which no government in the world dare to even attempt.

Now my dilemma of whose to choose at the 15th general election is resolved. If any camp vow to implement this novel scheme, my vote goes to them. As of now, my vote is for BN and the caretaker prime minister, and hopefully, Ismail Sabri will return to finish what he started.

Malaysia is finally emerging from the long dark tunnel where it was rotting away.

GoldenTiger5095: Strangely, the prime minister, who commissioned a less than impartial group to find Thomas guilty and his then calling for action from the police, finds no problems with Apandi for exonerating 1MDB and ex-prime minister Najib Abdul Razak.

How about a commission to check his actions? Does Umno’s blood run in his veins? Where is your credibility? Talk is indeed cheap.

Falcon: Holistic change seekers should make this one of the cornerstone calls in the upcoming general election when Apandi is investigated and charged over his alleged abetting of the multi-million 1MDB scandal.

And revisit the compensation given to him by setting up an independent task force, not one with ‘bodek kakis’ but respected independent members of the civil society.

What is good for the goose is good for the gander. So, will Umno have the courage to support this? ‘Malu apa’?

DonGetMeWrong: Indeed, Apandi is a rogue former attorney-general who must be investigated for his role in 1MDB.

The defamation lawsuit against DAP strongman Lim Kit Siang for tarnishing his name in the 1MDB episode which the judge has ruled in favour of Lim is a clear sign that Apandi is guilty of failing in his duty as attorney-general.

And the irony of it all is the backdoor government has compensated him for wrongful dismissal by the then Harapan government to the tune of perhaps millions of ringgit using our taxpayers’ money. Of course, how much the amount was never disclosed, but as Mahathir mentioned, it was in the millions.

Apandi has no morals or integrity. We pray and hope Harapan will in the general election and revisit this Apandi case.

MS: Nothing strange really. Umno ‘Malu Apa’ does not even pretend to be fair anymore. It is in-your-face thievery and bigotry for which you no longer feel any shame.

Ismail Sabri’s counterfeit ‘Keluarga Malaysia’ saw the tabling of the most lopsided Budget in decades – one in which the non-Malays were allocated a minuscule fraction of what was set aside for the Malays.

Like his puppeteers facing criminal charges, he lies with ease and with a straight face.

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