What the papers say: Thursday’s front pages

Thursday’s front pages feature the Government’s failure to agree on climate emission targets, how the cost of living crises is affecting the poorest, and former garda Paul Moody, who was sentenced for coercive control of his terminally ill partner, was in line to become a sergeant .

The Irish Times reports that the Government has not implemented more than half of the measures in its climate action plan during the second quarter of the year, as Ministers again failed to reach agreement on an emissions reduction target for the agriculture sector. It also reports that builders responsible for defective homes cannot be levied to pay for remediation works which will cost billions and take years to complete.

The Irish Examiner reports that a struggle to recruit staff, a dearth of new car sales, and the Covid-19 hangover are to blame for the lays in NCT testing – with up to six-month online waits still for some centres. It also reports that the cost of living crisis is having a disproportionate impact on the most vulnerable people in society with older people rationing food as they struggle to pay their energy bills.

On the front page of the Irish Independent, it reports that the former garda who was sentenced for coercive control of his terminally ill partner had expected to be promoted to sergeant before his crimes came to light. It also reports that Consumers have cut back on supermarket spending and are choosing own-brand goods as grocery inflation soared by the highest level since August 2008.

On the front page of The Echo, a proposed change to the law around consent in rape cases has been praised by Cork legal experts and sexual violence related activists as one which strikes a fairer balance between the accused and the victim in trials. While at least 200 observations have been submitted on the National Transport Authority’s proposals to develop 12 strategic transport corridors for Cork.

Meanwhile, in the UK the RMT dispute, energy bills and the drought are among the topics on Thursday’s papers.

The Guardian and the in both lead on a threat of a general strike from RMT head Mick Lynch.

Predictions that energy bills could rise to an average of £500 a month are front page of the Daily Mirror, The Independent and the Daily Express.

The Daily Telegraph duck The Times lead on a warning from the UK’s national security advisor that an accidental nuclear war with China is a growing risk.

The country has experienced its driest July since 1911, reports Metroamid worries regarding the UK’s drought.

The Daily Mail writes that a lawyer has won an employment tribunal case after her chambers investigated her stance on gender.

The US Federal Reserve’s decision to raise interest rates again is front page of the Financial Times.

The Sun reports Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel is on holiday with a new girlfriend.

And the Daily Star reports on new advice for Brits to cut back on washing their hair to save water.

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