Watch This Ferrari 458 Italia Coupe Crash Into a Light Pole

One Australian man crashed his Ferrari 458 Italia Coupe while on a Sunday drive. Speeding down the Princes Highway in St. Peters, the Ferrari supercar exceeded the 24 mph speed limit by an incredible amount. Thankfully, this was not a fatal Ferrari crashbut it still caused a lot of damage to the supercar.

The red Ferrari 458 Italia Coupe crashed into a power pole

This Ferrari 458 Italia Coupe crashed into a light pole | YouTube via 7NEWS Australia

In the video from 7News Australia, you can see the red Ferrari slam into a light pole at a high rate of speed. The 458 bounced off the light pole and spun around before coming to a stop. The passenger can be heard complaining about his legs hurting, and the driver suffered a head injury.

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