Video of woman trimming eyelashes for passport renewal goes viral on TikTok

Video of woman trimming eyelashes for passport renewal goes viral on TikTok

PETALING JAYA: A video of a woman trimming her eyelash extensions with scissors has gone viral on TikTok along with the claim that she had to do so after an Immigration Department officer informed her that her eyelashes were too long for a passport photo.

The TikTok user with the handle @maddybreteche said she was aware of the standards established by the Malaysian Immigration Department, so she arrived for her passport photo wearing minimal makeup and with her hair tied back.

She was then surprised when the Immigration officer on duty said that her eyelashes were too long for the picture and told her to come back another day.

“It is not possible for me to come in another day since my flight is tomorrow, so I decided to trim them in the restroom,” she said in the video while holding the pair of red scissors provided by the authorities.

The woman is then shown going to renew her passport with her eyelashes trimmed, claiming that the whole process was completed in 30 minutes.

She added that the Immigration officer requested her to remove her contact lenses as well, but she refused since she suffers from nearsightedness.

“I had to put my finger in my eye to prove they were not coloured lenses before the officer would allow me to take the photograph,” she said.

The comment section of the video was flooded with social media users sharing their own passport renewal experiences.

“When I went to renew my passport, they asked me to pull my headscarf so far back so they could see my face properly so that my face looked like a plate,” said @mashzdaniel.

“In my passport photo, I am not wearing contact lenses or makeup, and my hair is pulled back, so every time I go to the airport, they will stop me because my face does not match my passport photo,” added @wafirdim.

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