Tony Hawk Debuts Hot Wheels Skate Fingerboard Line, Lets You Board on Donuts

Hot Wheels and skateboard legend Tony Hawk are revealing the new Hot Wheels Skate fingerboard line Wednesday, which will take a fantasy-based spin on skateboarding in its sets and fingerboards.

Much like the looping tracks and tricks that the Hot Wheels cars race through, Hot Wheels Skate’s fingerboards will allow for literal skating on donuts, giant piranhas and roller coasters, among other fantasy elements within its skatepark playsets.

A donut-themed board and skate set are among the playsets.

Hot Wheels

To make fingerboarding easier for younger kids, the line will also include tiny shoes that clip onto the boards that will make stunts easier to pull off. The shoes can easily be taken off though for more experienced players that can already nail miniature stunts.

The line will first launch as a Walmart exclusive in August with a $30 Amusement Park Skate Set. Smaller skate sets starting from $3 for a fingerboard up to $15 for a Drop-in Skate Set Assortment of obstacles to use towards building a skate park.

Attachable shoes on Hot Wheels Skate fingerboard

Little shoes can be attached to the Hot Wheels Skate fingerboards.

Hot Wheels

Tony Hawk and Hot Wheels have also collaborated on a limited edition, life-size Birdhouse skateboard deck, which will be signed by the skater and include a matching fingerboard. This $350 Wildfire Freestyle Deck and Fingerboard will be available on the Mattel Creations website.

The Hot Wheels Skate announcement comes a week after the release of Forza Horizon 5’s Hot Wheels DLC expansionwhich brings Hot Wheels-themed cars and tracks into the Xbox and PC video game.

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