Sg Buloh voters, one swallow doesn’t make a summer

Sg Buloh voters, one swallow doesn’t make a summer

YOURSAY | ‘It doesn’t make sense to vote Khairy in Sungai Buloh.’

‘We might not vote along party line’ – Sungai Buloh voters in dilemma

Magnanimous45: One swallow doesn’t make a summer, so they say. I like Umno’s candidate Khairy Jamaluddin’s approach and commitment to his assigned job as health minister and have nothing personal against him.

But it doesn’t make sense to vote for Khairy in Sungai Buloh when he proudly proclaims “once Umno always Umno” even when he is being kicked in the face by his comrades and party honchos.

Whatever praises may be showered on him as the sole shining star and the best of the decadent Umno, he is after all a conscious card-carrying loyalist and conformist extension of the worst case of kleptocracy, the most corrupt, the philosophically bankrupt and apartheid-enforcing party of the modern era that stands out for all that is bad in this country.

While we are known to condemn Umno diehards as brainwashed and blind, where do we draw the line in respect of Khairy? Does making a good minister alone vindicate Khairy from everything else of him, however rotten that encompass him and his chosen political life?

In what way is it beneficial to Pakatan Harapan to support this compromised and conformist self-centred Umno leader that feigns ignorance and complete oblivion of the cruelty and ills perpetuated by his party and his leaders on the people and nation for nothing more than to feather their own nest?

Nayagan: PKR candidate R Ramanan, despite his questionable background (court case and colourful episodes in MIC) was nevertheless nominated by PKR president Anwar Ibrahim to contest the Sungai Buloh constituency.

This is how I would approach his candidacy:

1. He came second (1,498 votes) behind incumbent MP R Sivarasa (1,605 votes) in the 2022 PKR elections in the Sungai Buloh division. Thus, in view of Sivarasa’s health conditions, Ramanan is a natural replacement.

2. Ramanan’s decision to voluntarily resign from his treasurer-general post in MIC after the court’s verdict should be taken into consideration (how many politicians have we seen have done that?).

In addition, no criminal charges were pressed against him (the Attorney-General’s Chambers did not charge him). The issue was settled out of court between him and the plaintiff.

3. I could not recall Khairy’s earnest attempt to come forward with reasonable explanations on MySejahtera (RM70 million) and Youth and Sports Ministry (RM100 million) questionable episodes. This is typical of Umno/BN politics.

4. Khairy is the best among the worst (of BN ministers and politicians). Hence, his handling of the Covid-19 vaccination was better than the previous health minister (Adham Baba) and this portrayed him as a capable minister. Still, while Khairy is a capable person, he was absolutely terrible as youth and sports minister.

5. Everyone deserves a second chance (as long as they have repented or shown repentance). In this instance, I believe Ramanan should be given that chance (consider point no 2)

6. The utmost struggle, for now, is to ensure a win for Harapan in GE15 to form the government in Putrajaya. A loss in one GE is not the end for Khairy (he’s only 46 – he can always make a comeback). But a loss of one parliamentary seat might be fatal for Harapan if it means losing the simple majority to form the next government in Putrajaya.

Cogito Ergo Sum: PKR upper echelons are making it hard for Sungai Buloh residents to vote (for the right candidate). But when the crunch comes, it will be PKR.

The big picture is that there is no picture in the future with Umno/BN. At least with PKR, there are leaders with integrity and a plan to get us out of this rut.

A single seat gifted to Umno/BN could make all the difference in who will govern. The folks in Sungai Buloh are far more aware of the consequences of electing a party whose leadership is riddled with scandals, criminal charges and one high-profile convict. Sungai Buloh may well be Umno’s Waterloo.

Annonymous: “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” (Desmond Tutu, 1931).

The very fact that Khairy is serving in a corrupt regime and supports the illegitimate backdoor government and continues to maintain his silence on the countless corruption cases speaks volumes of his weak character and hypocrisy.

He has zero principles, zero conscience, and an opportunist rewarded with a ministerial post for his blind loyalty to Umno.

A good leader would have promptly resigned with honour and not served any corrupt regime that plunders the country.

Hmmmmmmmm: Were you angry when some politicians got off from corruption charges? Were you angry when the government did deals with thieves so that they were fined less than what they took?

Were you angry that some politicians and their families did not pay any taxes for years and were never prosecuted by the Inland Revenue Board?

Were you angry that during the pandemic, many of us were severely fined for various Movement Control Order (MCO) offences but politicians went about in groups flouting all kinds of MCO rules with no consequence?

The time for anger is over. Now is the time to set things right, and make sure that those in power will never dare to abuse the same rules that they impose on us and get away with it.

This is your chance to change the government. Vote for the change that you want the country to be. This will be your most important contribution to the country. Yours and your children’s future depend on your vote.

If in a Thomas Cup badminton competition, our opponent puts in a very handsome man to play against our player, would you support the opponent? It is obvious, we won’t.

We know we need to win as many matches as possible to win the game. This GE is exactly like the Thomas Cup. Harapan needs to win as many seats as possible.

Don’t even bother which candidate stands against Harapan. Just support Harapan. The stake is much higher than the Thomas Cup. It will determine the destiny of our country and thus, our destiny.

Keep your eyes firmly on the shuttle.

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