Rafizi slammed over threats against MACC chief

Rafizi slammed over threats against MACC chief

KUALA LUMPUR: Various parties have slammed PKR deputy president Rafizi Ramli for his threat against Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief commissioner Tan Sri Azam Baki.

Former inspector-general of police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said authorities such as the police and MACC were bound by law to investigate cases which involve a crime, when a report is lodged by anyone.

“One has to assist in the investigation into the crime allegedly committed.

“To issue threats to authorities is uncalled for,” he tweeted.

Cuepacs president Datuk Adnan Mat said political campaigns should not resort to threatening civil servants.

“Openly attacking by threatening to take action against a civil servant if one comes to power is unwise and unprofessional.

“The MACC never disclosed its officers raided an office of a politician, instead it was made known to the public by the politician involved,” he said.

All action conducted by a civil servant was based on the law and high level of professionalism without taking into account the matter of party politics, he said.

“Candidates or politicians campaigning must control their emotions especially when they are in front of thousands of supporters.

“We hope all parties respect each other with the campaign period almost ending,” he said.

The harmony between politicians and civil servants was very important as both parties must cooperate with each other to give their best service to the rakyat, he added.

Meanwhile, Malaysia Corruption Watch (MCW) said Rafizi should issue an apology to all Malaysians over the statement he made during campaigning.

“All parties should not politicise or threaten ongoing MACC investigations.

“As a transparent and independent agency, MACC needs the support of all parties especially in terms of strong and consistent political will to enable the commission to do its job without fear,” the MCW said in a statement.

The MACC should continue to be firm and brave in investigating anyone to ensure a just and thorough prosecution of corruption cases, the organisation said.

Rafizi had said Azam will be called for questioning if Pakatan Harapan forms the government after the 15th General Election (GE15).

During a speech in Johor Baru on Wednesday (Nov 16), Rafizi said that Azam will be held responsible for all of the alleged irregularities that the MACC has conducted regarding the raids and seizures from the office of Invoke Solutions Sdn Bhd.

Rafizi then said that Invoke Solutions – the data firm he founded – has been raided by the MACC twice for two days in a row.

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