Queensland grazier finds two sets of twin calves in the middle of a bumper season

It may be a bumper season for many Queensland cattle breeders due to good rains, but one farm has seen an increase in twins as well.

Grazier Sue Harrison said she was shocked to find two of her breeders had given birth to twins over the past week on her Darlington property in the state’s south-east.

“I go around and check the cows because they are all calving at the moment,” she said.

“I saw this cow laying in the grass, which is quite long, and I saw one calf pop up to have a drink, and I looked and had to do a double take, because there was another one on the other side.

“It was a bit of a surprise.”

Three days later Ms. Harrison was checking the stock again and saw another cow had given birth to twins.

The sixth generation grazier said they had previously only ever seen one set of twins.

“One of the calves was born backwards so we lost him,” Ms Harrison said.

Both twins were conceived naturally from Brangus mothers and Speckle Park bulls.

Veterinarian Ben Wood says it is very rare to see two sets of twin calves on the one farm.(Supplied: Sue Harrison)

A rare event

University of Queensland veterinarian Ben Wood said the chance of beef cattle having multiple births was less than 1 per cent.


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