Our teen daughter was left paralyzed when a school bully dropped her on her head… she will never be the same again

A FAMILY says their daughter will “never be the same person again” after she was dropped on her head by a school bully.

Neeka Atkinson, 13, suffered a life-threatening brain injury after the incident at a school playground, leaving the left side of her body paralyzed.


Neeka Atkinson, 13, was allegedly dropped on her head after being targeted by a school bullyCredit: MEN Media
The Hull teenager has been rehabilitating in Leeds, but family say she will never be the same again


The Hull teenager has been rehabilitating in Leeds, but family say she will never be the same againCredit: MEN Media

The bully allegedly picked Neeka up and dropped her head first onto a concrete floor at Archbishop Sentamu Academy, in Hull.

She was then rushed to hospital after she started fitting, leading medics to place her in an induced coma, according to Hull Live.

A CT scan revealed the 13-year-old had a blood clot in her brain, and Neeka woke up from a lengthy surgery unable to speak with the left side of her body paralyzed.

The schoolgirl’s friends and family have shared their grief at the horror incident and say her life will never be the same again.

She is currently being medically rehabilitated in Leeds, and over £11,000 has been donated after a fundraiser was set up to pay for her recovery.

The funds will also go towards travel costs, as Neeka is now able to go home to Hull on a part-time basis.

However her sister has said she is still fighting “every single day” since the awful attack.

Older sister Alisha Atkinson said: “Neeka is being moved back to Hull to be closer to family and to continue her rehabilitation here and go back and forth to Leeds to see a specialist.

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“She’s had her staples and stitches taken out now and has a big scar, bless her, but she’s coming on every single day.

“Her left arm and leg still need a lot of time to get back to normal but she’s fighting it every single day.

“People have to remember that as everything has gone quiet, due to us focusing on Neeka’s recovery, as well as balancing our lives along side traveling back and forth to Leeds, she will never be the same person again.

“She was in a coma fighting for her life only two weeks ago and she has not just physically but mentally endured something that no person, never mind a young girl, should ever have to go through.”

A teenage boy was arrested by Humberside Police and later released in connection with the incident which caused Neeka’s injuries.

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On Friday, under police advice, Archbishop Sentamu Academy was closed early after a protest by students against bullying.

It came after a damning Ofsted report revealed serious concerns about the behavior of pupils at the school, where one in five children have been suspended this year.

In a statement the school’s Executive Principal, Helen Winn, said: “We are all desperately worried about our 13-year-old student following an incident last week.

“All our thoughts are with her, her family and her friends at this very difficult time.

“We are enormously grateful for the outstanding work of our healthcare professionals who we know are doing all they can for her.

“Because of the police involvement in the case, we are unable to say anything further at this stage.”

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