Nintendo Switch Online App Adds Friend Request Function

The brand new update for the Nintendo Switch online mobile app encourages Nintendo subscribers to make new connections while on the go.

As accessible as the Nintendo Switch is as a portable and at home gaming console, it has previously lacked certain quality of life features for its players that are available on other consoles. Features like: Nintendo’s version of trophies/achievements support, voice chat that restricts parties to the same game, friend request and acceptance process to name a few. Fortunately, some features of the Nintendo Switch are now easier thanks to the online mobile app update.


The most recent update largely includes the function to send friend requests on the Nintendo Switch using player friend codes on the mobile app, although the update comes with certain caveats that continue to restrict the convenience that is allowed on other consoles. It wasn’t until recently that the Nintendo Switch gained Bluetooth support and the ability to see what friends are online. Fortunately, some features of the Nintendo Switch are now easier thanks to the online mobile app update.

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Update 2.2.0 now allows Nintendo Switch users to send friend requests with their online code from the mobile app. To further this, the act of making friends on the Nintendo Switch is now easier thanks to the function that allows players to copy their friend code as a URL and/or save it as a QR code. The convenience of saving a QR code encourages other players to send more friend requests to other players. However, those on the receiving end will still have to accept the friend request on their Switch, as the app does not have that function available.

There have also been minor changes implemented in this update that have not been specifically detailed, but the main attraction to this update is the quick and efficient ability to send friend requests from players’ personal mobile devices. These are welcome additions for the Nintendo Switch online community that breaks down some of its social barriers. Now if players don’t have their Nintendo Switch immediately accessible to them, and would like to make new friends, they can do so from their phone.

This update on the mobile app came out shortly after a firmware update on the Nintendo Switch console itself. Hopefully Nintendo continues to send out more updates to its online app, such as the ability for screenshots and videos saved from the console to automatically sync to the online app. It is worth noting that Nintendo markets itself as a family console, which might explain why it is more conservative with some of their online features.

The Nintendo Switch online app is available now on IOS and Android.

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