More fresh faces as PKR, DAP begin to unveil Malaysia GE15 candidates

More fresh faces as PKR, DAP begin to unveil Malaysia GE15 candidates

Mr Nik Omar previously contested in GE14 under Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah), another PH component party. He was fielded in the state seat of Chempaka in Kelantan but lost to a candidate from PAS after garnering just around 12 per cent of the vote.

Another PKR candidate who will be contesting in Perak is former state secretary Zainal Azman Abu Seman, said Mr Anwar. 

Meanwhile Universiti Malaya lecturer Professor Hasan Basri Awang Mat Dahan will be fielded in Pahang, youth activist Jufitri Joha will contest in Negeri Sembilan and executive Saipolyazan M Yusop will be fielded in Selangor, he added. 

PhD candidate Fathin Amelia Fazlie, 28, will be fielded in the northern state of Perlis, Mr Anwar said.

When explaining how PKR selected the candidates, Mr Rafizi said that the party wanted to address the wishes of the electorate to see fresh faces as well as professionals, rather than “full-time politicians”. 

“Over the last two years, it was very obvious that the issue that will determine the outcome of this election is the public’s cynicism towards politicians and political parties. That’s why increasingly you see more voters feel that they will no longer be relying exclusively on political parties but will also put more weightage on the ability and the freshness of the candidates,” said Mr Rafizi.

Mr Anwar, who is also PH chairman and the prime minister candidate for the coalition, added that PKR’s candidate selection process was determined by the party’s grassroots and not just PKR leadership.

“We are here to present the best minds to effect change in this country,” said Mr Anwar. 

Last week, he announced that he will be vacating his Port Dickson federal seat to contest in the parliamentary constituency of Tambun, Perak for the upcoming polls.

Mr Anwar said that the move was to strengthen PH’s base in Perak, a state which is expected to be a battleground in the upcoming polls.


Earlier on Wednesday, DAP unveiled four parliamentary candidates who will stand in the state of Pahang.

DAP secretary-general Anthony Loke said that Young Syefura Othman, 33, will be contesting in Bentong. He described the party’s pick as a bold and strategic move.

“To ensure DAP’s future (which) is multiracial and to ensure that DAP’s political future expands, the central leadership decided to pick a Malay woman to contest,” he said during a press conference at the party’s headquarters.

“She will be the first female Malay MP from DAP if she is elected as Bentong MP,” he said. 

Mrs Syefura was previously the assemblywoman for the Ketari seat in the Pahang assembly. Ketari is located in the Bentong constituency for the federal polls.

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