Mirror concert accident: Video shows huge screen crush dancer on stage during Hong Kong live performance

WARNING: This video contains material some viewers may find distressing or confronting

Fans were left traumatized after a falling screen crushed a dancer during a live concert in Hong Kong.

Boy band Mirror was performing at the Hong Kong Coliseum on Thursday night when the horror unfolded in front of a packed crowd.

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WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Dancer crushed on stage

Disturbing footage, posted widely to Twitter, shows the dancers entertaining the crowd before a large video screen suspended above them suddenly plunges to the ground.

Boy band Mirror was performing at the Hong Kong Coliseum on Thursday night, local time, when the horror unfolded. Credit: Twitter

One dancer was caught beneath the huge structure as it fell in less than a second.

Another dancer was crushed as the screen tipped over as he rushed to help his fallen friend.

Terrified screams could be heard as distraught fans reacted to the unfolding situation.

The Epoch Times reported two dancers were injured, one seriously.

Three audience members were reportedly also taken to hospital.

‘A horrible accident’

South China Morning Post reporter Ezra Cheung tweeted about the incident.

“A horrible accident erupted as a Hong Kong singing and dancing boy band was hosting their first concert, injuring at least two dancers,” she wrote.

“Both were said to be conscious when being sent to the hospital.”

The Epoch Times reported that the boy band’s manager took to the stage to apologize to the audience after the incident, and the show was cancelled.

The manager was reportedly heckled by some fans who shouted: “I won’t forgive you”.

Authorities reportedly ordered the concert to be suspended until the stage structure was confirmed to be safe.

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Presenter faints on live TV.

Presenter faints on live TV.


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