Melaka keen for second round of negotiations on 120km link to Sumatra

Melaka keen for second round of negotiations on 120km link to Sumatra

MELAKA: Indonesian Government is keen to hold a second negotiation on the proposed 120-km tunnel or bridge linking Telok Gong in Masjid Tanah and Dumai in Sumatra.

Melaka investment, industry, entrepreneur development and cooperatives committee chairman Datuk Seri Ab Rauf Yusoh said the first negotiation went well and now the state government has successfully entered into the second phase.

“We anticipate the bridge project will be a catalyst for the massive growth of the state.

“Melaka is expected to be a developed state over the next five years with the start of this project as well as with current trend of steady inflow of investments,” he said in his speech after attending the 60th anniversary of Melaka Builder Association at a Chinese restaurant in Taman Teknologi Cheng here on Friday night (Nov 4).

Ab Rauf said local contractors would be given the opportunity to be involved in the project once it has materialised.

“There will be a vast opportunity for the locals once the project commences and we will place the locals at advantage.

“The development can only be realised under a stable and strong state government,” he said.

He also told the crowd that 21 companies which began their operations in the state were now listed under Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE).

“This kind of achievement is only attained with the efficient administration of a state government,” he added.

Ab Rauf earlier said that the proposed development of the bridge would take 20 years.

He said the proposal on the project has been submitted by the private sector and both Indonesia and Malaysia have in principle agreed to a detailed study on the matter.

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