Malaysians abroad weigh options for voting

Malaysians abroad weigh options for voting

PETALING JAYA: Malaysians overseas are looking forward to exercising their rights through postal voting, with some even willing to fly back to vote in the upcoming 15th General Election (GE15).

Muhammad Eizat Zakbah, 27, who recently registered for postal voting, admitted feeling nervous yet excited about his new experience.

“Back when I was in Malaysia, I usually heard about postal voting on television and thanks to the Internet, the process (of registering) was quite easy.

“I’ve asked my fellow Malaysian friends who are studying here (in Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea) to do their part by checking their voting status and I am also teaching them how to register.

“I am also actively updating news on postal voting on my social media,” said the student.

Muhammad Eizat, however, admitted feeling uneasy over whether his vote would be delivered to the right place.

He expressed hope the Malaysian embassy would allow Malaysians in Korea to cast their votes physically at the embassy.

“I know there are many conspiracies or negative rumours about the misuse of postal voting, but I am placing my trust in the authorities.

“My main concern is that postal votes are not delivered where they are supposed to be.

“But at least I know I did my civic duty as a Malaysian. Postal voting is the only way for us because going back will be costly,” he said.

London-based forensic accountant Adrian Chan, who just completed his postal vote registration, said it was an easier process this time around compared to GE14.

“Last time, I had to fill in the form manually, scan and then send it to the EC. It took them around three days to process my restorationism. I got my confirmation on Saturday afternoon,” he said, adding that he hoped to send his ballot in time before polling closes this time.

June Saira, 43, who lives in Sydney, Australia, said she was planning to return back to cast her vote, but it would depend on whether the date would clash with her current schedule.

“I am not too sure how to postal vote,” she said.

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