Malaysian talent in demand in Turkey

Malaysian talent in demand in Turkey

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian talent is being sought after by governments and international companies which view our professionals as having the qualities they require for industrial expansion, especially in the technology and engineering sectors.

Presidency of Turkey Human Resources Office head Assoc Prof Salim Atay said other than technical capabilities in engineering and technology, Malaysian talents’ soft skills are also a key attraction, which is why the Turkish government and companies wish to recruit more of them to join the workforce in that country.

“Most Malaysians can speak more than one language, and most importantly they can speak English well. I also observed Malaysian graduates from Turkish universities are open to learning another language.

“Apart from language, Malaysians have personality, humility and adaptability, which are good qualities and characteristics that I consider as being high-value soft skills that set them apart from other nationalities,” Atay told theSun at the recently held TALENTforBIZ, a global job recruitment fair.

He also said the cultural similarities between Malaysia and Turkey made it easier for Malaysian talent to integrate into Turkish society, while Turkish talent is comfortable working or studying in Malaysia.

“Our target is to tap and cultivate talent in Malaysia as our bilateral relationship continues to improve, especially after our two countries’ relationship was elevated through a comprehensive strategic partnership in July.

“We also aim to further cement our ties by establishing a stronger collaboration with Malaysian industries, academic institutions and Malaysian youths. Our presence here is a testament to this commitment,” he stressed.

Turkish Agriculture and Forestry Ministry secretary-general Adem Dinc said Malaysian youth are welcome to join Turkey’s fifth-biggest ministry in preserving flora and fauna and strengthening global food security.

“We are working on an agricultural development project called the “seed bank” where we store the seeds of every plant as a backup against their extinction, and we are ready to share it with our Malaysian friends,” he said during an information session at the event.

TALENTforBIZ features Turkish public and private companies scouting talent from various countries. Malaysia is the first in Southeast Asia and the fifth to be added to its list to host the event.

Atay said the event in Malaysia is a collaboration with Asean. It will also host a similar event in Indonesia sometime next year.

Twelve international Turkish companies were featured at the event, including those in industries such as defence, telecommunication, transport, personal care, toiletries, hygiene and aviation. Each company’s senior management personnel and human resource manager conducted interviews and industrial briefings on-site.

Companies present at the TALENTforBIZ event included Turk Telekom (telecommunications), Havelsan (defence), Evyap (oleochemicals), Ford Otosan (automobile), Aselsan (defence), and Turkish Airlines.

Evyap Sabun Malaysia Sdn Bhd human resource executive Nur Lailiah Mundori said the company aims to expand its ester manufacturing plant, and it is actively looking for talent with an oleochemical background to run it.

“Malaysian talents are equipped with the right knowledge that prepares them for the working world, making it easier for Evyap to set up its operations in Johor. We source talent mostly from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia because of its proximity to our plant.

“Other than that, due to our generous and attractive remuneration package, Malaysians from different parts of the country are willing to relocate to Johor to work with Evyap,” she said.

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