Malaysia warship deal scandal: Government did not ignore the issue, says Ismail Sabri 

Malaysia warship deal scandal: Government did not ignore the issue, says Ismail Sabri 

A report tabled to Parliament on Aug 4 by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) highlighted the controversial procurement deal after none of the six LCS ordered was delivered despite a contract of RM9.13 billion being signed nearly a decade ago.

According to the PAC, the government has paid RM6.08 billion – or two-thirds of the total cost – to local contractor Boustead Naval Shipyard (BNS), although none of the ships has been delivered.

On Friday, Mr Ismail Sabri had also urged Mr Anwar to retract his statement over his allegation of illegal voting taking place among members of the armed forces in Bera constituency, Pahang, where the caretaker prime minister is standing in the 15th General Election as an incumbent. 

In a speech at a PH event in Kuala Nerus, Terengganu on Friday, Mr Anwar claimed that he has evidence of illegal early voting taking place ahead of the designated early polling scheduled to take place on Nov 15. 

He said the voting was against the rules set by the Election Commission (EC). 

Mr Anwar also alleged that those who voted were paid RM300 and he urged the EC to take stern action so as not to pollute the election this year. 

“I am asking that this be corrected, meaning, those votes made today by soldiers in Bera must all be voided and voting must take place again on Nov 15,” Mr Anwar said.

Mr Ismail Sabri said that Mr Anwar has insulted members of the armed forces by making the accusations. According to Mr Ismail Sabri, the early voting mentioned by Mr Anwar could actually be the casting of postal votes involving military personnel who could not come down for the early voting on Nov 15.

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