Malaysia GE15: What do youth voters want from politicians?

Malaysia GE15: What do youth voters want from politicians?

As such, political parties have worked the topic of corruption into their discussions and campaigns.

In particular, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) candidates’ practice of engaging in asset declaration has been largely talked about and well received on Twitter and Facebook, social media platforms frequented by youth voters, said Mr Wee.

Young Malaysians also want elected representatives to walk the talk, and to genuinely understand the community’s needs and actively push for change.

“I would like to see them actually go down without any cameras or security officers, go down to the ground, live the lives of everyday working Malaysians and say, ‘How can we make this better?’,” said first-time voter Carlos Sebastien John, 20.

Sharifah I’Nur Habib Idris, 21, another Malaysian who will be voting for the first time this election, said: “Everything ties back to the values of the individual. Say, for example, they want to end poverty. (But) do they actually believe that people have equal access to healthcare?”

Youth voters also expect those governing the country to be more accessible and relatable to their electorates, to take steps to be transparent in their dealings, and be held accountable for their actions, Ms Lee told CNA’s Asia Now.
“The youth want to see from the politicians accountability mechanisms in terms of more evaluation, more reporting, more monitoring,” she said, adding that voters are also looking at the impact on the ground, with equality and diversity in mind.

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