Ismail Sabri gets egg on face for rejecting debate

Ismail Sabri gets egg on face for rejecting debate

YOURSAY | ‘Why fear Anwar, the debate will be in BM, not English.’

‘Not our culture’: Ismail Sabri rejects Anwar’s debate challenge

Proarte: Caretaker prime minister Ismail Sabri Yaacob in not willing to debate shows his lack of confidence and inability to articulate his vision for Malaysia. As such, he is revealing he is not a suitable candidate to be prime minister because he can’t face his political rivals in an open debate.

Surely, Malaysians want to be proud of their PM whom they elect who can hold his own when discussing important issues with international counterparts.

Not only is Ismail Sabri a shameful failure in speaking decent English, an international language, but he is also unable to debate in his own language, Bahasa Malaysia.

Kim Quek: If former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak could accept the challenge to debate with Pakatan Harapan leader Anwar Ibrahim, why can’t Ismail Sabri do the same?

Isn’t the issue of who should run this country many times more important than the Sapura Energy Bhd issue (subject of Najib-Anwar debate)?

If Ismail is confident of what Umno has to offer the nation and his own capability to deliver it, should he have so cowardly evaded a public debate with Anwar who is beaming with confidence of what Harapan can do for the nation?

Should the supporters of Umno continue to support such an inferior political leadership to continue to rule this crisis-ridden country for the next five years?”

Monty: Ismail Sabri, this practice of political debates has been seen all over the world and is the best platform for aspiring leaders to bring their policies or manifestos to the public.

Also, the debates are to ensure that these leaders do not backtrack or back out of their policies when they win office.

What is there to be afraid of? Unless, of course, you are now suggesting that you may not be leading the government if your party wins.

By refusing to debate PKR president Anwar, you are telling the country and the world you are a weak leader.

Apanama is Back: Folks, you all misunderstood Ismail Sabri’s statements in rejecting the debate. What he meant by “not his culture’” are:

1. Both debaters should wear Burberry shirt. Other brands are banned.

2. The debate should be without an audience, similar to the United Nations General Assembly when he gave his speech in an almost empty hall.

3. During the rest time, special eggs (you all should know) should be served to provide him with the necessary energy to continue.

4. Finally, Ismail Sabri will only ask questions to Anwar. He won’t answer any questions.

I hope Anwar will agree to the above conditions.

Sun: “It is not our culture to have debates. We have never done this, and it doesn’t do any good,” said Ismail Sabri,

Oh, really? Then what do MPs do in Parliament?

I can see why you are reluctant to debate. Your fear and nervousness when addressing the UN General Assembly were obvious.

Your parched throat was evident. You were so scared stiff that you failed to unscrew a bottle of water to wet your tongue, not once but twice.

Stay away from the debates. Better still, stay away from leadership if you are afraid to express and match your ideas with other contesting views.

GanMu: Ismail Sabri has chickened out. Debates between PM candidates on issues facing the nation and the voters is healthy in a democracy.

Each of them can honestly and in true statesmanship put their case before the voters on their plans, vision, and mission for the country so that voters can make sound decisions in voting for the right party and candidates.

If they are leaders of integrity, there should be no hesitation. I am surprised Ismail Sabri immediately shut down the debate.

He claims he is clean and has nothing to hide, why not take up the challenge? Unless, of course, he has some skeletons in the closet.

Lone_Star: Ismail Sabri, debates are part and parcel of campaigning. Why fear Anwar, the debate will be in BM, not English.

Do tell the rakyat what good you are going to do for the country and rakyat over the next four to five years.

If you need help, you can visit the 12-year resident of Kajang Prison.

Iphonezours: Ismail Sabri, what is “not our culture” to debate? Why then do we have debating societies in schools and universities to enhance speaking skills among our students?

Even if Anwar makes this debate an election manifesto, that should instead inspire you to put forth what BN plans are for the country.

Even Najib has debated with Anwar, why can’t you?

Salvage Malaysia: Maybe you do not need a debate but each leader should spell out clearly their economic policies to lift Malaysia out of the doldrums.

Don’t tell us what you want Malaysia to be. Tell us how you going to get us there. How do we realign the fiscal stimulus to make Malaysia an attractive foreign direct investment destination again?

Blue Mountains: A debate can enable the public to judge the level of intelligence of a candidate. Further, it will allow his opponents to dredge up all the racist and extremist statements a candidate has made in the past.

In short, it will expose the real characters of a candidate; thus, enabling the voters to choose the best candidate for the job.

Candidates who are non-racists and non-extremists, honest and intelligent will welcome a public debate anytime.

BlueCrab6133: Wow! This is a new catch-all for avoiding the debate. “It’s not in our culture!”. We can use this to get out of all sorts of sticky situations.

It’s not in our culture to have equal rights

It’s not in our culture to not be frogs.

It’s not in our culture to check corruption.

It’s not in our culture to kick out ‘gaji buta’ (self-interest) ministers.

It’s not in our culture to be transparent.

It’s not in our culture to serve our constituencies diligently.

It’s not in our culture to hold elections in non-flooding months.

It’s not in our culture to be open and honest to the electorate.

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