INTERACTIVE: What’s your favourite laksa? Get to know them all, with recipes and more

INTERACTIVE: What’s your favourite laksa? Get to know them all, with recipes and more

PETALING JAYA: With GE15 around the corner, many voters will soon head back to their hometowns to cast their ballots.

For the people taking part in the #BalikUndi exodus, politics will not be the only thing on their minds.

Back in their home states, many will take the opportunity to enjoy their favourite foods.

The list is long, but one dish – laksa – stands out.

From Penang to Sarawak, the flavourful laksa comes in many unique varieties localised to suit particular state- and sometimes district-level taste buds.

To celebrate the diversity of this much-beloved Malaysian dish, the following is a closer look at all the types of laksa you can find and enjoy throughout the country.

Also take part in our #UndiLaksa poll where YOU get to vote for your favourite laksa!

Laksa basics

A go-to comfort food for many, laksa is put together using a selection of either wheat noodles, rice noodles, or even ‘al dente’ spaghetti.

The northern states in the peninsula favours the sour asam base compared with the creamy coconut milk broth often found in the southern and east coast states.

The choice of fish (ikan parang, mackerel or even eel) or shrimps that makes up the broth, as well as the combination of herbs and spices, creates a taste distinct to each state.

Spicy and sour or spicy and creamy – or leave out the sambal belacan if you’re not up for it – you can take your pick as various laksa joints across the country offer you a culinary experience you should not miss.

The ingredients below show what makes up five types of popular laksa in the country, and how they differ from one another.

Learn more about each laksa from different locations in the country via the interactive graphic below.

If you’re already drooling for one, you can make your own with the recipes below. Find out more about the less-known varieties of laksa from Perlis and Kuala Kangsar!

Test your laksa knowledge and take part in our poll!

Test how well you know our local laksa and vote for your favourite!

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