How to catch Galarian Articuno in Pokemon GO

The Galar Region’s variant of Articuno has made its way to Pokemon Go, and trainers are heading out into the game world to capture one of their own. Unlike its Kanto counterpart being an Ice/Flying-type, this Galarian Legendary Pokemon is a Psychic/Flying-type.

Galarian Articuno, along with its comrades Zapdos and Moltres, have emerged this July in Pokemon GO. However, trainers seeking out the Galarian Legendary variants will need to take advantage of the game’s new Daily Adventure Incense feature.

Even so, spotting these mighty Pokemon will be tricky, and they’ll be even tougher to catch, so trainers should prepare as much as possible by stockpiling berries and Pokeballs.

Pokemon GO: How to encounter Galarian Articuno in July 2022

Galarian Articuno in Pokemon: Sword and Shield (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Galarian Articuno in Pokemon: Sword and Shield (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon GO’s Daily Adventure Incense will be the method trainers need to use to find the Galarian Legendary Birds. This newly implemented feature provides players with a special incense item that they can only use once per day. The item will remain active for 15 minutes by default but gives trainers access to Pokemon they may not normally have access to due to their location or the current ongoing Season in the game.

Unfortunately, using a Daily Adventure Incense in Pokemon GO won’t guarantee the appearance of the Galarian Legendary Birds. Due to this, it may take several days to detect the Pokemon, as they have quite low spawn rates compared to other Pokemon that can appear from the incense’s presence. Below, trainers can find a few tips to help them search for Gallery Articuno.

Tips for Catching a Galarian Articuno

  1. Before using your Daily Adventure Incense in Pokemon GO, be sure to collect as many berries and high-grade Pokeballs as possible. Using Golden Razz Berries and Ultra Balls should go a long way in assisting trainers with capturing the Galarian Bird Trio in general. It will still be difficult to capture the legendaries even with these berries and Pokeballs, but they should make the process at least somewhat easier compared to using standard berries and Pokeballs.
  2. Once Pokemon GO trainers activate their Daily Adventure Incense, they’ll want to keep moving as much as possible. Doing so allows the spawns on the in-game map to refresh, providing a higher opportunity for rare spawns like Galarian Articuno to appear. By most player reports, the Galarian birds will typically appear towards the end of the incense’s timeframe.
  3. When in the capture encounter with Galarian Articuno, be sure to use your best possible accuracy along with your best berries and Pokeballs. Aim for the smallest possible capture ring and be sure to use a curveball throw to improve catch chances. Trainers will want to maximize every possible method they can to increase the Pokemon’s capture rate.

However, it’s important to note with Galarian Articuno and its counterparts that even with the outlined strategies, they’re still incredibly difficult to capture in Pokemon GO.

This is due in no small part to the very low catch percentage, meaning trainers may have to encounter the Galarian Legendary Birds multiple times in order to hit the small percentage chance that they will keep the powerful Pokemon in their Pokeball.


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