Here are all the 5G postpaid and prepaid plans available in Malaysia

Here are all the 5G postpaid and prepaid plans available in Malaysia

More Malaysians can now experience 5G as Celcom, Unifi Mobile and U Mobile have started offering commercial 5G services this week. If you want to jump on the 5G bandwagon, we’ve compiled a list of all telco plans in Malaysia with access to 5G.

Yes 5G

YTL Communications’ Yes 5G is the first telco in Malaysia to offer commercial 5G services since December 2021 and they have options for prepaid, postpaid and also home wireless broadband.

Yes Infinite Postpaid

The Yes Infinite Postpaid plans offer unlimited 4G and 5G data with no Fair Usage Policy, unlimited calls and bundled hotspot data from RM58/month.

  • Infinite Basic: Unlimited 4G/5G, Unlimited Calls and 10GB hotspot – RM58/month
  • Infinite Standard: Unlimited 4G/5G, Unlimited Calls and 40GB hotspot – RM88/month
  • Infinite Premium: Unlimited 4G/5G, Unlimited Calls and 70GB hotspot – RM118/month
  • Infinite Ultra: Unlimited 4G/5G, Unlimited Calls and 100GB hotspot – RM178/month

Yes FT5G Prepaid

On Prepaid, there’s the Yes FT5G Unlimited Plan which costs RM30/month. The plan offers unlimited 5G with no speed cap, unlimited 4G capped at 7Mbps and unlimited calls. The plan also comes with 9GB of hotspot quota.

Yes Wireless Fibre 5G

If you need high-speed internet for your home but are out of fibre coverage, Yes is the only telco to offer 5G wireless broadband with its “Wireless Fibre” plan. The Yes 5G Wireless Fibre Plan costs RM148/month on a 24-month contract and it comes with a free wireless router. It offers unlimited 5G data with 120Mbps speeds and 150GB of 4G LTE data. If you need additional postpaid lines with unlimited data, there’s also a Wireless Fibre combo with two supplementary lines for RM229/month.

TM Unifi Mobile 5G

Telekom Malaysia is the second telco in Malaysia to offer 5G via its Unifi Mobile service since 31st October 2022. They are offering free unlimited 5G for their existing unlimited data plans.

Unifi Mobile 5G Postpaid

On postpaid, you can get unlimited 5G on the Unifi Mobile Ultimate Plan which offers unlimited calls, SMS and data. The plan is now going for RM79/month, or RM59/month if you sign a 12-month contract.

Unifi Mobile 5G Prepaid

On prepaid, Unifi Mobile #Bebas Prepaid is offering a 30-day free Unlimited 5G data pass when you activate the “Bebas Monthly” pass. The pass costs RM35/month and it offers unlimited 4G data on Unifi Mobile’s network. After purchasing the monthly pass on the Unifi Mobile app, you will have to redeem the “Unlimited 5G Data Pass” within 72 hours to enjoy unlimited 5G with the plan.

Celcom 5G

Celcom is the third telco in Malaysia to offer 5G services to consumers which started on 1st November 2022. Unlike the other two telcos that provide unlimited 5G, Celcom is offering free access to the 5G network which utilises your existing high-speed quota.

Celcom’s 5G service is currently offered for its non-unlimited plans listed below:

Celcom Postpaid with 5G

  • Celcom MEGA™ Lightning 80: Unlimited calls, 50GB of data – RM80/month
  • Celcom MEGA™ Lightning 98: Unlimited calls, 60GB of data – RM98/month
  • Celcom MEGA™ Lightning 128: Unlimited Calls, 80GB of data – RM128/month
  • Celcom MEGA™ Lightning 158: Unlimited Calls, 100GB of data – RM158/month
  • Celcom MEGA™ Lightning 188: Unlimited Calls, 2TB of data – RM188/month
  • Celcom MEGA™ Family Line Lightning: Unlimited Calls, 30GB of data – RM40/month
  • Celcom Xpax Postpaid 40: Unlimited Calls, 20GB of data, unlimited YouTube, FB and Instagram – RM40/month
  • Celcom Xpax Postpaid 60: Unlimited Calls, 40GB of data, unlimited YouTube, FB and Instagram – RM60/month
  • XP Lite™ with M Pass: Unlimited Calls, 8GB of data, unlimited YouTube, FB, Instagram, WhatsApp and WeChat – RM38/month
  • XP Lite™ with L Pass: Unlimited Calls, 16GB of data, unlimited YouTube, FB, Instagram, WhatsApp and WeChat – RM58/month

Celcom Xpax Prepaid with 5G

  • Celcom Xpax Prepaid 35 (30GB High-speed): Unlimited Calls, 30GB of data – RM35/month
  • Celcom Xpax Prepaid 45 (40GB High-speed): Unlimited Calls, 40GB of data – RM45/month

U Mobile 5G

U Mobile is Malaysia’s fourth telco to offer 5G services starting from 3rd November 2022. Similar to Celcom, they are only offering free 5G access for its high-speed data plans on postpaid.

U Mobile 5G Postpaid

Here’s the list of U Mobile Postpaid plans that are 5G-enabled:

  • U Postpaid 38 – Unlimited Calls, 30GB of data and 5GB hotspot – RM38/month
  • U Postpaid 68 – Unlimited Calls, 100GB of data, 5GB hotspot and 15GB roaming data – RM68/month
  • U Postpaid 98 – Unlimited Calls, 1000GB of data, 5GB hotspot and 15GB roaming data – RM98/month

U Mobile 5G Prepaid

U Mobile also offers free 5G access on prepaid but this appears to be the worst offering of the lot. Customers on U25 and U35 prepaid are able to enjoy 5G but it is only offered using the speed booster. You won’t be able to enjoy 5G all day as these speed boosters can only be activated for one hour per day.

  • U25 Prepaid – Unlimited calls, Unlimited data at 3Mbps (FUP: 30GB) and no hotspot – RM20/month
  • U35 Prepaid – Unlimited calls, unlimited data at 6Mbps (FUP: 100GB) and 3GB hotspot – RM35/month

Check if your devices are supported

Before signing up or changing your plan, you are advised to check if your smartphone is supported for 5G by the respective telco. Not all telcos can support the same 5G devices and you can check their respective website for the full list. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is able to connect to 5G on Yes 5G, but it is not supported on Unifi Mobile and U Mobile.

Unfortunately, the iPhone still doesn’t support 5G in Malaysia yet. A carrier update would be required to enable the 5G settings on the supported iPhone models.

Where can you use 5G?

At the moment, DNB’s 5G network claims to cover 33.2% of the population in Malaysia. Besides Kuala Lumpur, Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, the 5G network also covers selected areas in Selangor, Johor, Ipoh, Penang, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan and also Kelantan. DNB already has set up over 160 5G sites in East Malaysia such as Kuching, Bintulu, Miri, Kota Kinabalu, Lahad Datu, Semporna and Tawau, but they have not been switched on yet.   

In the original plan, DNB aims to achieve 40% 5G population coverage by the end of 2022 with 4,018 sites and it aims to achieve 80% 5G population coverage by the end of 2024 with 7,509 sites. As of 30th September 2022, DNB has deployed 1,915 5G sites.

You can view the current 5G coverage map on DNB’s website.

What about Digi and Maxis?

Although Digi has signed the 5G access agreement, it is still doing 5G network testing with its technology partners and DNB, and they have not shared any availability dates yet. Meanwhile, Maxis says they are seeking shareholders’ approval for the 5G access agreement and aim to settle it by January 2023.

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