Helicopter crash: Strong winds came ‘out of nowhere’, says pilot

Helicopter crash: Strong winds came ‘out of nowhere’, says pilot

IPOH: The pilot of the helicopter that crashed near Brinchang in Cameron Highlands says he was forced to to make an emergency landing as strong winds were pushing the chopper upwards.

Speaking from his bed in the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital, Capt Fedzrol Norazam, 43, said he could not take the normal flight route via Kampung Raja in the highlands due to heavy rain and had to divert go the closest gap with no rain, which was in Brinchang.

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“However when heading there, strong winds came out of nowhere from below and kept pushing the helicopter upwards.

“I was already feeling something but I did not tell the passengers as I did not want to cause panic.

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“I tried to turn around, but it was a struggle to control the helicopter and the wind pushed the helicopter towards the hills,” he said.

Fedzrol said he maintained an altitude of 5,000ft but the helicopter was being buffeted by winds from left to right.

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He said he was running the helicopter engine at full power but it was still unstable.

“The speed was reducing and winds were getting stronger. I knew then that I had to make an emergency landing.

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“I made sure the tail hit first when landing to ensure the cabin was safe, but maybe it was not a smooth landing,” he added.

He said he was the last to get out of the helicopter adn that he had probably lost conciousness for several minutes.

“I heard someone calling out to me. My seat belt was still on and my hand was still on the handle.

“I felt faint for about 10 minutes, and then I asked if everyone was all right.

“I am sorry for what had happened. But most importantly everyone is safe,” he said.

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