Google Play Store to Restrict Unskippable 15-Second Ads: No More ‘Unexpected’ Ads

Google is finally doing something about annoying, unskippable ads. Users will no longer be facing a 15-second unskippable ad that they have no choice but to watch.

Google Cracks Down on Annoying, Unskippable Play Store Apps

As per TechCrunch, the company is cracking down on Android apps with annoying, unskippable ads as well as bad behavior in the Play Store. The company just recently announced a number of policy changes that update its rules in different categories.

To be more specific, the update aims to clamp certain loopholes that could be exploited by developers. One of the changes that are expected to bring the most impact to users is their policies regarding ads.

New Policy is Expected to Take Effect on September 30

According to the story by The Vergethe company is expected to start updating its guidelines which will officially be effective on September 30. The new guidelines were noted as a way for the company to help ensure a better experience for people using Google Play apps.

The new policy directly tells developers that apps cannot pop up on full-screen, and they can no longer force users to close it only after 15 seconds. The exceptions to this policy are if users decide to voluntarily watch the ad in order to get reward points or bonuses.

Players Will No Longer Have to Sit Through Two-Minute Ads

Another exception is if the ads pop up “during a break in the action.” Although, as of press time, Google’s policy requires that ads should be easily dismissed without penalty, the 15-second benchmark is a new update and provides a more specific measurement.

Although there is still a bit of a wait, players will no longer have to sit through a two-minute long ad where the small “x” can only be seen after 70 seconds. The new rules also note that ads popping up should not be “unexpected.”

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Google Changes Policies Regarding the Use of VPNs

It is also important to note that the ad policies for certain ads that were designed for children will be more strict. Although Google is not changing a lot of things when it comes to the types of ads developers can show kids, it will be making changes in the tools used in order for developers to deliver the ads this coming November.

Google will also be making changes regarding how certain apps can use Android’s built-in VPN tools. Apps will no longer be allowed to implement their very own VPNs in order to collect user data unless they are able to obtain user permission.

Users will also no longer be able to use VPNs in order to help users bypass or even change ads that come from other apps. The new rules by Google also include a number of other changes.

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