GE15: Why fuss over my poster, I’m just someone who wants to make a difference, says Warisan’s Hooi

GE15: Why fuss over my poster, I’m just someone who wants to make a difference, says Warisan’s Hooi

IPOH: Warisan’s candidate for the Simpang Pulai state seat says she has been harassed for looking somewhat different in person than she does in her campaign poster.

Hooi Mi Suet, a 29-year-old make-up artist, said people have been coming up to take pictures of her and comparing them to her poster.

“They loudly say that my face looks nothing like it does in the poster, and some even slandered me by saying I was trying to cheat people.

“There is also plenty of gossip on social media and I see it daily,” she said when met on the campaign trail Friday (Nov 11).

“The remarks are quite hurtful but I know, as someone who is contesting in a general election, I need to be strong,” the Perak Warisan Wirawati (Youth) chief added.

Earlier, pictures of Hooi’s campaign poster were circulated on social media along with pictures of her taken while campaigning, with users saying that she looked very different in person from the publicity image.

Hooi said the picture on her poster was an edited selfie taken from Facebook.

“I only learned that I was contesting a few days before Nomination Day.

“There was not enough time for me to take a proper picture and I just used that photo, in which I wore a Warisan T-shirt, for my campaign material,” she said.

“I didn’t know it would cause such a huge fuss.”

Hooi, who joined Warisan in 2020, said she hoped that the people would not judge her because of this.

“I am just someone who wishes to make a difference, so that is something (we all have) in common,” she said.

Hooi, who votes in the Sungai Rapat constituency, said her plans if she gets elected include building a sanctuary where the underprivileged and homeless can get shelter and care.

“There are many of them in the city centre and I hope I can find donors who can help me realise this dream,” she said.

Hooi is contesting the state seat against Pakatan Harapan’s Wong Chai Yi, Barisan Nasional’s Lee Wai Yin and Perikatan Nasional’s Selvam Kunjambu.

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