GE15: Pahang Perikatan chairman declares his assets ahead of Nomination Day

GE15: Pahang Perikatan chairman declares his assets ahead of Nomination Day

KUANTAN: Pahang Perikatan Nasional chairman Datuk Seri Saifuddin Abdullah (pic) has declared his assets ahead of nomination day in an effort to show voters his sincerity.

He said the declaration was an updated version of the one he did as a Cabinet minister.

“This is to prove my sincerity that we want to establish a clean and transparent government with integrity.

“With this declaration, I hope voters will be able to judge my sincerity as a candidate,” Saifuddin said here on Friday (Nov 4).

The incumbent Indera Mahkota MP declared RM1,168,365 worth of net assets after deducting RM1,711,635 in debt from his total assets worth RM2,880,000.

Among the assets declared was two houses with a net worth of RM850,500 after deducting debt.

Saifuddin had RM60,000 in bank savings and Amanah Saham Bumiputera funds worth RM200,000 with a debt of RM41,000 bringing the total to RM219,000.

He also had a Honda Accord worth RM70,000, which had RM12,835 in bank loan left to be paid, as well as a Toyota Alphard worth RM300,000 that had RM258,300 in bank loan left to be serviced.

This brings the worth of his vehicle assets to RM98,865.

Saifuddin’s last drawn salary was RM13,416.48, while the total of his last remuneration and fixed allowance was RM23,088.

He did not have any income from property rental while his last drawn salary as an MP was RM16,000.

His income was RM52,504.48.

“I have nothing to hide. There isn’t very much. My wife is a housewife and she has no income and my salary stated is my last drawn salary as minister and MP,” Saifuddin told reporters.

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