GE15: Normal for those dropped to sulk but they will come around, says Saravanan

GE15: Normal for those dropped to sulk but they will come around, says Saravanan

TAPAH: It is normal for leaders to sulk or lash out if they are dropped as election candidates, says MIC deputy president Datuk Seri M. Saravanan.

The caretaker Human Resources Minister said their unhappiness was understandable, but they eventually always returned to the fold.

“It is nothing new, as this happens in every election. Some will not get to be candidates,” he told a press conference during a Deepavali open house at Arena Merdeka here on Tuesday (Nov 1).

“If I am dropped, I would sulk too but (eventually) have to accept it,” he added.

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It was reported that several Umno leaders and incumbents may not be fielded in the 15th General Election (GE15).

Saravanan, the incumbent MP for Tapah, said all leaders need to adhere to the principles of their parties.

“We work for the best interests of the party.

“The seats are not permanent. There will come a time when we need to make way for someone else,” he added.

On PKR vice-president K. Saraswathy being named as his opponent for the federal seat, Saravanan congratulated her and hoped that they will have a healthy contest.

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Saravanan also said MIC knows how many seats it will contest, contrary to an online news portal report that there were still numerous uncertainties over its allotted seats and candidates.

“We are not a village party… there are rules to follow,” he said.

“The (Barisan Nasional) leadership will announce (the candidates) tonight, so we cannot jump the gun.

“Our candidates are working hard in their respective constituencies,” he added.

He also said Umno will contest in MIC’s traditional seat of Cameron Highlands in exchange for Teluk Intan.

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