GE15: Mood in Sungai Petani subdued ahead of Nomination Day, unlike in previous polls

GE15: Mood in Sungai Petani subdued ahead of Nomination Day, unlike in previous polls

SUNGAI PETANI : Unlike in previous years, the mood here seems somewhat subdued on the eve of Nomination Day for the 15th General Election (GE15) despite potential clashes and multi-cornered fights in almost all parliamentary constituencies in the state.

Even in the Sungai Petani hot seat, which will likely feature a four-cornered fight between Barisan Nasional, Perikatan Nasional, Pejuang, and Pakatan Harapan, the election “fever” is still not felt in the Pakatan stronghold.

Observations by The Star around Sungai Petani on Friday (Nov 4) also found coffee shops were left empty with only workers minding their own business and only one or two patrons having a meal.

Factory worker Che Nusi Ahmad, 29, said the lack of election mood this time around probably was caused by the public’s political fatigue and they were now more concerned about how to deal with the increasing cost of living.

“People no longer have time to talk about politics now, except for party members. For us people on the ground, we have other important issues to attend to,” he said.

He said he will exercise his constitutional right to vote on Nov 19 and choose the leader who can improve the country’s economy as a whole.

An Umno member who only wanted to be known as Rizal, however, said it was still too early to feel the election mood and that the excitement will increase during the campaigning period.

“It is still too early, the election this year has been dubbed the ‘mother of all elections’, I can guarantee we will feel the mood soon,” he said.

The Election Commission had announced Nov 19 as the polling date for GE15 while Nomination Day will be on Nov 5 and early voting on Nov 15.

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