GE15: MIC lodges report over Prabakaran’s claim he was offered bribe to jump

GE15: MIC lodges report over Prabakaran’s claim he was offered bribe to jump

KUALA LUMPUR: A report has been lodged by Federal Territory MIC over a Batu candidate’s allegations that the party offered payment to switch allegiances during the “Sheraton Move” in 2020.

Federal Territories MIC chairman Datuk S. Rajah claimed that Batu hopeful P. Prabakaran of PKR had alleged that MIC had offered him RM10mil to switch parties.

“We have video footage of Prabakaran (claiming this) at a ceramah recently.

“We deny this ever happened and have made a police report,” he said after lodging the report at IPD Sentul here on Tuesday (Nov 8).

Rajah also urged Prabakaran to withdraw his statement.

“Candidates should have a healthy campaign and not resort to slander.

“We are willing to withdraw our report should he apologise,” he said, adding that the video footage had been submitted to the police.

In the video, Prabakaran can be heard saying, “Some offered me RM10mil … why… to get me to jump to MIC (sic).”

He goes on to say that he was also offered other perks to switch parties.

When contacted, Prabakaran, who is also the incumbent Batu MP, said he was prepared to defend his statements.

“I received many such offers in 2020 but I rejected them as I stuck to my principles,” he said.

Sentul OCPD Asst Comm Beh Eng Lai confirmed that a report had been lodged.

He said the case would be investigated under Section 500 of the Penal Code for criminal defamation.

The Sheraton Move in February 2020 saw a group of PKR MPs leaving the party while Bersatu pulled out of Pakatan Harapan, leading to the collapse of the Federal Government.

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