GE15: Here to vote, come rain, shine or kilometre long queue

GE15: Here to vote, come rain, shine or kilometre long queue

Come rain, shine or what may look like the longest queue they may have lined up in, voters heading to SJKC Bukit Serdang remained unwavered in their stand to cast their ballots.

Some like 39-year-old Chung May Yee initially left, but came back to stand in the almost kilometre-long queue snaking from Jalan LP6/1 to Persiaran Lestari Perdana 5 and right up into the entrance of SJKC Bukit Serdang in the Puchong constituency

She had initially come at around 9am, but left after seeing the queue.

“I thought I’d go for a nice breakfast with my mother and cousin first assuming the crowd would thin out by 11am or so,” she said.

But when Chung returned, the line was no shorter.

“No matter what, I am going to stand in line this time. As my mother is over 60, I will send her right to the entrance as she will not have to queue,” said Chung.

One voter, Alex Wong, 36, said it took him two hours to complete the voting process.

“It’s only once every five years so I don’t mind,” he said.

Come rain or shine, voters were determined to cast their votes.

Irene Lyn, 31, summed it up as a good experience.

“No, I never once thought of leaving because of the queue. Everyone is doing it. It’s a show of patriotism,” she said.

The long queue is also a business opportunity for four voters – Kamal Safuan, 30, Amar Farid, 28, Mohd Farid Kamil, 30 and Adam Danish Azhar, 30 – who have set up a roadside stall selling canned drinks and mineral water.

“It so happens we are voting here. So, we’ll be selling drinks until the crowd thins out. Then, we’ll get in line ouselves,” said Kemal.

In the meantime, Kemal said they were directing those above 60 and OKUs to skip the queue and go straight to the entrance.

Meanwhile Malik Abd Walid has walked up and down the lines three times to look for and direct the elderly and disabled to head straight to the entrance.

He has been on duty since 8am.

Acoording to a police officer at the front gate, about 1,500 voters had cast their votes at the 16 channels in SJKC Bukit Serdang as of 11am

The long queue finally reduced to a trickle by 12.21pm.

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