GE15: Elections not about insults or sowing hatred, Liow says to Loke

GE15: Elections not about insults or sowing hatred, Liow says to Loke

PETALING JAYA: Despite not being an MP since 2018, former Transport Minister Tan Sri Liow Tiong Lai has continued serving locals in the Bentong parliamentary constituency.

One of Liow’s recent initiatives involved collecting funds for victims in the Kampung Baru Karak fire, where he coordinated relief efforts and plans to rebuild homes that were razed down in October last year.

Liow also reached out to private companies and the East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) group in collecting resources and safety equipment during the floods in Bentong in December last year.

During his tenure as the Bentong MP, Liow also ensured that there are ECRL stations in Bentong to develop the local economy.

“I also ensured the construction of the Central-Spine Road highway to shorten travel distance in Bentong,” said Liow in a Facebook post on Tuesday (Oct 18).

Liow then criticised incumbent Bentong MP Wong Tack for previously promising to get rid of the Lynas factory when Pakatan Harapan took over Putrajaya in 2018.

“The ones who cancelled the construction of the ECRL station in Bentong also aren’t me, but DAP leaders,” said Liow.

Liow was responding to Anthony Loke, who told a Chinese daily on Monday (Oct 17) that DAP is currently “collecting bullets” against the former MCA president.

Liow criticised Loke for using uncouth remarks, and questioned how he had offended DAP.

“Instead, Loke should’ve answered what DAP has contributed to development in Bentong since 2018,” added Liow.

A general election, said Liow, is to elect a leader who has a vision and mission to develop a constituency.

“It’s not about hurling insults and sowing hatred towards any individuals,”

Liow was the Bentong MP from 1999 to 2018.

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