Full medal tally, Aussies in action,

(All times AEST)

From 5.30pm – Lawn bowls (women’s pairs, men’s singles, men’s fours, para women’s pairs B6-B8 for gold medal, women’s triples, para mixed pairs B2-B3)

From 6pm – Hockey (group matches)

From 6pm – Weightlifting (men’s 109kg, women’s 87kg+, men’s 109kg+)

From 7pm – Athletics (men’s 1500m T53/54, women’s heptathlon long jump, women’s 400m, men’s shot put, men’s 800m, men’s 100m T11/12, women’s triple jump, men’s 400m, men’s high jump final, women’s heptathlon javelin, women’s 100m, men’s 100m, women’s 10,000m final, women’s shot put final, men’s discus F42-44 / F61-64 final, women’s heptathlon 800m, men’s 100m T37/38 final, women’s 100m final, men’s 100m final)

From 7pm – Judo (women’s 78kg, men’s -90kg, men’s 100kg)

From 7.30pm – Swimming (men’s 200m IM, women’s 200m freestyle S14, men’s 200m freestyle S14, women’s 400m freestyle, mixed 4x100m medley, women’s 4x100m medley, men’s 4x100m medley, men’s 200m IM, women’s 200m freestyle S14, men’s 1400m freestyle S women’s 400m freestyle final, men’s 50m freestyle final, women’s 50m backstroke final, men’s 1500m freestyle final)

From 7.30pm – Badminton (mixed doubles)

From 8pm – Cricket (Australia v Pakistan group match)

From 8.30pm – Mountain biking (men’s cross country final)

From 9.30pm – Beach volleyball (Australia v Rwanda men’s group match)

From 11.15pm – Boxing (men’s and women’s quarter finals)

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