Dr DisRespect suggests some fixes for Warzone’s “boring” matches during livestream

During a recent livestream, YouTube phenomenon Herschel “Dr. DisRespect” suggested some simple fixes for Warzone’s “boring” matches, which might create intense chaos for all.

From PUBG and Apex Legends to Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite, the two-time champion has tried his hand at almost every battle royale title that has reached the gaming market. In fact, he is even on track to build his very own take on the genre with Project Moon.

However, the speed and thrill of the Warzone matches didn’t catch Doc’s interest in the slightest. In fact, the streamer urged developers to implement some sort of change to make the game more exhilarating.

Doc even presented some suggestions to revitalize the “boring” matches and introduce a bit of chaos in the gameplay.

Dr DisRespect talks about faster Warzone matches with the addition of more bounties on the Caledra map

During his July 15, 2022 livestream, while completing his own Triple Threat challenge, Dr DisRespect briefly talked about the issue with Warzone matches and how slow the zone tends to become. Feeling annoyed at every turn, the streamer pinpointed the slow gameplay of solo titles and suggested that developers should flood the map with bounties in order to “bump” up the circle.

One should note that this isn’t the first time the American streamer has expressed his displeasure with the slow gameplay and zone movement in CoD Warzone.

Expressing his frustration towards the matter, Dr DisRespect lamented:

“Doesn’t it feel like the Warzone Caldera games take forever? They’re so long, so boring man.”

Offering some simple fixes to spice up the apparently boring gameplay, Doc noted:

“I feel like the speed of the game and the circles have got to be bumped up, and then just flood the map with bounties. Flood the map with bounties, please.”

Bounties are like most wanted contracts, featuring special objects that a player can pick up during the match. These additions mainly motivate players to compete aggressively and explore the map as opposed to camping up in a single spot. This, in turn, makes the gameplay a bit more riveting.

Although the process of adding bounties and increasing zonal speeds is a tumultuous process for developers, Dr DisRespect’s words might have some bearing on future updates.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul


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