Cop praised for helping elderly woman to cross busy road

Cop praised for helping elderly woman to cross busy road

GEORGE TOWN: Last Sunday was like any other wet weekend for Kpl Arif Mohamed as he and his partner patrolled the streets near the Cecil Street market to ensure traffic moved smoothly.

That was when the 54-year-old senior policeman and Kons Mohammad Saiful Sudirman saw an elderly woman, with two quad canes in her hands, struggling to cross the road from the junction of Lebuh McNair to the market.

Kpl Arif was quick to act.

Kpl Arif MohamedKpl Arif Mohamed

“I immediately asked my partner, Kons Mohammad Saiful, to stop the car up ahead.

“I went up to the old woman and helped her cross the street while Mohammad Saiful was directing traffic.

“But as she was holding two walking canes and had difficulty moving, I decided to lift her and quickly bring her to safety,” said Kpl Arif, who has been a policeman for more than 30 years.

“I also handed her some cash as she wanted to go to the market to eat,” he said.

Kpl Arif had no idea that his gesture would shoot him to fame.

It was recorded by bystanders who were gushing with praise for his kind-hearted deed.

“I heard people clapping as I brought the woman to safety,” he said.

He added that passers-by and people at the market had praised and thanked him and Kons Mohammad Saiful.

“The woman, who is probably in her 80s, also thanked us for helping her,” added Kpl Arif, who was on duty in the police mobile patrol vehicle unit attached to the George Town police headquarters.

In the heartwarming video filmed by a bystander, Kpl Arif, dressed in his dark blue uniform, can be seen helping the woman cross the road to the market.

He first carried the woman’s bag and patiently helped her, along with a motorcyclist, while she took tiny steps, holding her two canes.

Kons Mohammad Saiful, on the other hand, was seen holding up traffic along Lebuh McNair.

As the woman reached the halfway point of the street, her struggle to walk prompted Kpl Arif to cradle her in his hands, as he strode across the street and into the market.

The video shows market-goers giving him the thumbs up and the footage ends with the sound of applause.

The video has since gone viral.

“When I got to know that our good deed had gone viral, I was overwhelmed as the elderly woman reminded me of my deceased parents.

“Helping people in distress can be done by the public and, as Malaysians, everybody must be willing to help others regardless of race and religion,” said Kpl Arif.

Kons Mohammad Saiful, 25, said he, too, recorded a video clip of his partner helping the elderly woman.

“I recorded the video to prove that policemen on duty like me and my partner are able to live up to the motto, ‘Polis dan masyarakat berpisah tiada’ (the public and police are inseparable).”

Meanwhile, George Town police headquarters MPV unit chief Asst Supt Donny John Jubang said he was proud of his men who had gone beyond their duties to help the senior citizen.

“Their actions were spontaneous and should be commended.

“I am proud to say they have executed their duties with excellent results.

“Their actions have made the police contingent proud, especially at the George Town police headquarters,” said ASP Donny.

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