Adoption goes sour 14 years later

Adoption goes sour 14 years later

IPOH: Cheah Yoon Moy paid RM9,000 for a daughter 14 years ago, but she might face charges for her actions now.

The 53-year-old trader said she paid an agent she had known through a friend in Johor to get a daughter then.

“I was working in Kuala Lumpur and not married. My mother was concerned that no one would look after me when I got older, so she asked me to adopt or get a child.

“After asking around, a friend of a friend told me an agent could help me out, so I drove from Ipoh to Johor Baru to get my daughter, who was four months old at the time, with a payment of RM8,500,” she told reporters during a press conference held by Ipoh Barat MCA coordinator Low Guo Nan here.

Cheah said the agent also provided her with a birth certificate that registered Cheah’s name as the biological mother.

“Three months after that, the agent asked me to pay another RM500 for a MyKid (identification card). He passed the card to my brother, who was staying in Johor then,” she said.

She said she didn’t know much about the adoption procedure so she thought the birth certificate and MyKid were legit.

“It wasn’t until my daughter turned 12 that things turned wrong. We wanted to get her MyKad when the National Registration Department (NRD) officer told us that her birth certificate had been blacklisted,” said Cheah.

“My daughter deserves a future. It is not her fault. The NRD officer told us that we must first change her status to adopted, and then we can try to apply for her citizenship. The process will take us years, which will be troublesome if she can’t get it before she turns 21.”

Low said when he assisted Cheah and her daughter, an NRD officer told them about a doctor who was nabbed over alleged involvement in falsifying 200 birth records.

“Cheah’s daughter might be one of the 200 children. This isn’t the first case reported to me. Unfortunately, the parents who called me were not well-educated, so it was easier for the agent to scam them.

“I hope those who wish to have children will go through the proper procedure to avoid such cases from happening again,” he said, adding that Cheah might be charged over the false documents.

“We went to the NRD office again, and upon checking, they might charge Cheah for having the false documents. So right now, we are helping her to get a declaration that she did not know who the real biological mother is.”

In 2015, two men were nabbed after allegedly being key members of a syndicate responsible for falsifying at least 200 birth records.

The two men were arrested in Putrajaya and Melaka.

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