TVB actor Ruco Chan and wife, former Miss HK Phoebe Sin, visit Penang

TVB actor Ruco Chan and wife, former Miss HK Phoebe Sin, visit Penang

Hong Kong actor Ruco Chan, 45, previously came to Malaysia in 2014 to shoot the rom-com series, Outbound Love.

Eight years later, Chan has finally returned to Penang. This time, he brought his wife, former Miss Hong Kong Phoebe Sin, along for the trip.

In an Instagram post on Sunday (Dec 11), Chan – best known for his award-winning performance in A Fist Within Four Walls – uploaded a short video of himself carrying multiple packs of cold drinks.

In the caption, the actor listed several local delicacies including white coffee, fried kway teow, Fujian noodles, curry mee and durian which excited many fans in Malaysia.

“Don’t know what I’m drinking until I’ve been to Malaysia. When you’ve been to Malaysia, you can’t help it, but it will take a place in your heart,” he wrote.

The next day, The Unholy Alliance star posted two pictures of his trip in Penang.

The first photo showed the actor dressed in a black tee and olive sweatpants, walking on the patio of the popular Cheong Fatt Tze mansion by himself.

In the second photo, Chan is seen holding hands with his wife at the same location. Both have a bright smile plastered on their faces.

“It’s strange how both photos are taken at the same location at the same time. But the minute another person (his wife) appears, everything becomes all the more beautiful,” the actor wrote.

The post has amassed over 20,000 likes and 178 comments, with many netizens gushing over the sweet interaction.

Aside from Penang’s famous Blue Mansion, Chan and his wife also visited the Penang Hill Gallery as shared by the Penang Hill Corporation on Sunday (Dec 11).

The actor also posted a photo of himself at the Bao Teck Tea House, a popular dim sum spot in Penang, earlier this morning.

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