Top News and Newsmaker of 2022

Top News and Newsmaker of 2022

POLL | It is a tradition that, come to the end of December, Malaysiakini readers get to pick what they think is the best news of the year.

The lifting of nearly all Covid-19 restrictions has given reason for optimism, and perhaps the new anti-party-hopping law and the 15th general election could put an end to years of political instability.

On the other hand, the beat of war drums in Europe can still be felt here, while the slow economy is expected to worsen to a grind amid the uncertainty.

Like in previous years, we are letting Malaysiakini readers decide on the top 10 headline-grabbers for 2022. There are 25 major news items listed, in alphabetical order, for this year’s vote.

Voting is done by scoring each item – ‘0’ being the lowest and ‘10’ the highest. You can give the same score for more than one item.

Go ahead. Take one last look at 2022, before we move on to, hopefully, a better 2023.

Newsmaker of the Year

And don’t forget to also vote for the “Newsmaker of the Year”.

A quick recap: a newsmaker does not necessarily have to be the most popular individual.

He or she is one whose actions consistently make news headlines and, in doing so, affect the course of public discourse and impact Malaysian politics – for better or worse.

We have selected 20 newsmaker candidates for you to pick. Again, you can give the same score to more than one individual.

Voting ends at midnight, Dec 26, and the results will be announced over two consecutive days beginning Dec 29.

To vote for the “Top 10 News of 2022” and the “Newsmaker of the Year”, please click here.

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