Improvement of public transport among three key focuses, says Loke

Improvement of public transport among three key focuses, says Loke

PUTRAJAYA: Improvement of public transport, digitalisation of services, and road safety are among the key agendas that the Transport Ministry will focus on, says minister Anthony Loke.

He would also look into having additional trains to further reduce traffic congestion.

However, Loke said he would discuss the matter with Prasarana Malaysia Bhd to see the technical constraints if the train frequency was to be increased, especially during peak hours.

He said he took the LRT on Monday in order to understand the problems faced by users, adding that he needs to talk with the operator first to be briefed on its plans.

“What we hope is to be able to increase the frequency of the train service,” he said when met by reporters after clocking in to begin work as Transport Minister here yesterday, reported Bernama.

On the digitalisation of services, Loke said it began when he helmed the ministry prior to this, including the number plate registration system or the Road Transport Department’s (JPJ) eBid.

“There are many sectors that we need to digitalise. We must work towards this (digitalisation). My vision is to see all the services we provide to the people being offered digitally without any physical contact, in line with the new norms of the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.

Loke also said ongoing projects, including the East Coast Rail Link Project (ECRL), would continue.

“We have not gone into the details yet, but one major project that will continue is the ECRL,” he added.

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