High tide hitting, stay away from beaches

High tide hitting, stay away from beaches

ALOR SETAR: The Civil Defence Force (APM) has warned the public to avoid coastal areas and water activities during this monsoon season.

Kedah APM deputy chief Major Mohd Muaz Mohd Yusoff said the high-tide phenomenon was expected to hit not only Kedah but the whole country.

“The public must be alert at all times especially when they go to high-risk areas such as beaches,” he said when contacted.

Mohd Muaz said that the high tide was expected to happen from today until Dec 28, with the peak occurring between Dec 24 and 25.

The high tide, coupled with heavy rain, could result in floods especially at low-lying areas, he added.

Among the high-risk areas in Kedah are Pantai Cenang in Langkawi, Pantai Merdeka in Kuala Muda and Kuala Kedah.

He said the high-tide phenomenon could cause waves as high as 3.3m, which is dangerous to swimmers and small fishing boats.

“We hope that holidaymakers who come to the beaches will heed the advice of APM personnel on duty to prevent any drowning cases,” Mohd Muaz said, adding that red flags had been put up in the state to alert the public about swimming in those areas.

He also advised the public to be mindful when using electrical appliances during a flood to avoid being electrocuted.

“In flooded areas, people should avoid places with electrical cables, especially at night, or locations with fallen electrical poles or cables to avoid electrocution.

“Do not touch fallen electrical poles or broken cables during floods or rains.

“Never use them as a clothes hanger,” Mohd Muaz warned.

Penang Fire and Rescue Department director Saadon Mokhtar has reminded those living in low-lying and flood-prone areas to take precautionary measures to avoid electrical hazards.

“During the monsoon season, one must always be alert before the flood hits.

“Switch off the main electrical distribution board and disconnect all electrical appliances from power sockets. This will prevent electrocution,” he said.

He said it was also important to ensure affected electrical appliances were properly checked before using them as malfunctioned items could also lead to electrocution.

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